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Overcoming the three-way challenges of translating a multidisciplinary, multi-author project in the most difficult language pair.

Providing Subject Expertise in a Wide Range of Disciplines for Translating One BooknThe book translation required Japanese to English native translators with specializations across Forestry, Sociology, and Anthropology. Managing multiple disciplines for one book translation required a bigger group of subject-specific translators and in-house quality experts.

Client needs and Our Goals.

Providing Subject Expertise in a Wide Range of Disciplines for Translating One Book. Maintaining Terminology Consistency throughout the Text. Having 13 Authors Come to an Agreement on One Translation Style

Lyngva Solutions and Results.

The most critical requirement was to have Japanese to English translators specializing in Forestry, Sociology, and Anthropology. As the subject areas were varied, we could not have a single translator work on the project. 3 Translators with more than 20 years of translation experience having expertise in respective fields were selected. We could meet the clientu2019s requirement by assigning 3 different Japanese translators specializing in 3 subject areas for one project because of our rich database of 650 translators who can handle 1000+ subjects.


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